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Introducing AI Gallery, an online platform that showcases the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and visual arts. With a focus on AI’s impact on research and creative practices in the art world, AI Gallery provides a comprehensive overview of AI technologies used for both art analysis and creative purposes.


  1. Art Analysis: AI Gallery explores how AI is utilized in the analysis of artwork collections. Through AI algorithms, digitized artwork can be analyzed for various tasks, including classification, object detection, similarity retrieval, multimodal representations, and computational aesthetics. The platform offers a wide range of datasets and presents recent works that address these art analysis tasks.
  2. Creative AI: AI Gallery also explores the creative potential of AI technologies in generating novel artworks. By leveraging AI algorithms, artists and researchers can experiment with AI-generated art and explore new avenues of creativity. The platform showcases various practical and theoretical aspects of AI art and consolidates related works that delve into these topics in detail.

Use Cases:

  1. Research and Exploration: AI Gallery serves as a valuable resource for researchers, artists, and enthusiasts interested in the fusion of AI and art. It provides a platform to explore and study the impact of AI technologies on the understanding and creation of art. Researchers can access comprehensive overviews, datasets, and works related to AI-driven art analysis and generation.
  2. Creative Inspiration: The platform offers a source of inspiration for artists seeking new approaches and ideas. By showcasing AI-generated artworks, AI Gallery sparks creativity and encourages artists to explore the possibilities of AI in their own artistic endeavors.
  3. Understanding AI in Art: AI Gallery helps bridge the gap between AI and the art community by providing insights into the practical and theoretical aspects of AI in art. It enables artists and art enthusiasts to understand and appreciate the potential impact of AI technologies on the art world.