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EverSQL is a powerful and innovative solution designed to optimize PostgreSQL and MySQL databases automatically, providing exceptional performance enhancements for your database-driven applications. Trusted by over 100,000 engineers, EverSQL delivers a seamless experience in query optimization, saving valuable time and resources.


  1. Automatic SQL Query Optimization: EverSQL harnesses the power of smart AI-based algorithms to automatically optimize your SQL queries. It rewrites and indexes queries, resulting in significant speed improvements. The platform provides clear insights into the changes made and the optimization process.
  2. Ongoing Performance Insights: EverSQL’s non-intrusive sensor continuously monitors the performance of your PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. It generates actionable insights in an easy-to-understand format, empowering you to implement optimizations for sustained high performance.
  3. Cost Reduction: By analyzing your database usage, EverSQL recommends efficient strategies to reduce monthly costs. It suggests actions like eliminating redundant indexes and optimizing database schema, leading to improved performance, reduced CPU and memory usage, and lower storage costs.
  4. DigitalOcean Integration: Partnered with DigitalOcean, EverSQL offers seamless optimization for SQL queries in the cloud. Developers can now enhance their application performance and optimize databases effortlessly on the DigitalOcean platform.
  5. AI-Based Performance Sensor: EverSQL’s AI-driven performance sensor provides real-time insights into your databases, helping you make informed decisions to enhance application speed and reliability.
  6. Supported Databases: EverSQL supports a wide range of databases, including MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL, and other relational database management systems (RDBMS).
  7. Schema Optimization and Indexing: EverSQL offers valuable suggestions for schema optimization and indexing, ensuring that your database structure is fine-tuned for optimal performance.
  8. Integration with Monitoring Apps: Seamlessly integrate EverSQL with monitoring applications like NewRelic and Cisco AppDynamics to enhance visibility and management of your database performance.

Use Cases:

  1. Application Performance Boost: EverSQL empowers companies to enhance their application performance by optimizing SQL queries, resulting in faster response times and improved user experiences.
  2. Development Efficiency: Developers can reduce development time by leveraging EverSQL’s automated query optimization, allowing them to focus on building features rather than manually tuning queries.
  3. Cost Savings: EverSQL’s cost reduction recommendations help organizations optimize their database expenses while maintaining high-performance levels.
  4. Cloud Optimization: DigitalOcean users can effortlessly optimize their databases on the cloud platform, ensuring smooth and efficient application operation.
  5. Query and Schema Optimization: EverSQL is a valuable tool for database administrators seeking to fine-tune query performance and database schema design for maximum efficiency.

Elevate your database performance and streamline query optimization with EverSQL’s cutting-edge features and seamless integration.