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Lancey is an innovative interactive product demo software designed to revolutionize the way potential prospects experience a product for the first time. Unlike traditional product demo tools, Lancey focuses on providing a guided and interactive experience to potential customers, allowing them to fully explore the core features and benefits of a platform without any gating requirements. With Lancey, website visitors can immediately interact with the product directly from the website, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities within seconds. This product demo software is a perfect fit for sales and product-led growth (PLG) teams aiming to let their product speak for itself and drive customer acquisition through a seamless and engaging user experience.


  1. Interactive Product Demos: Lancey enables interactive and guided user experiences that allow prospects to explore the product without any sign-up requirements. This approach ensures that potential customers get hands-on with the platform’s core functionalities, fostering better engagement and understanding.
  2. No Developer or Engineering Resources Required: Implementing Lancey’s solution does not demand any developer or engineering resources. It can be easily embedded onto webpages or sent directly to inbound prospects, making it a user-friendly and accessible tool for all teams.
  3. Customizable Experience: Lancey empowers teams to customize the initial customer interaction based on specific buyer personas’ core pain points or challenges. This level of personalization ensures that prospects get the information they need, simplifying the buyer’s journey.
  4. Suitable for Various Teams: Lancey’s versatile solution caters to different teams across the go-to-market function, including Sales (SDR/AE), Pre-sales (SE/SC), Marketing (Product Marketing, Demand Gen, Lead Gen), and Customer Success. It allows teams to pre-qualify leads effectively and optimize the sales conversion process.
  5. Generous Free Plan and Paid Options: Lancey offers a generous free plan that provides unlimited demos, making it accessible to users. Additionally, it provides various paid plans starting at $36 per month, which offer powerful integrations and analytics capabilities for enhanced performance.

Use Cases:

  1. Sales Enablement: Lancey is an excellent tool for sales teams to offer potential customers an immersive and unobtrusive product experience. It allows prospects to evaluate the platform’s value and suitability before engaging in any sales interaction, streamlining the sales process and improving conversion rates.
  2. Product-Led Growth (PLG): For product-led growth teams, Lancey is a valuable asset as it aligns with their philosophy of allowing the product to demonstrate its value. The interactive demos enable users to self-qualify, leading to more qualified leads and higher user engagement.
  3. Marketing and Lead Generation: Lancey’s customizable interactive demos are beneficial for marketing teams aiming to generate leads and capture potential customers’ interest. By offering engaging and interactive experiences, Lancey enhances lead capture and conversion.
  4. Customer Success and Onboarding: Lancey’s user-friendly interface and guided experience are ideal for customer success teams to facilitate onboarding and product adoption. It helps customers understand the platform’s features and benefits quickly, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

Lancey’s product demo software stack provides a powerful toolset for sales and PLG teams to optimize customer acquisition, improve lead qualification, and create a positive user experience. With its focus on interactive demos, ease of implementation, and various team applications, Lancey empowers businesses to make the most of their website visitors’ limited time and drive engagement and growth.