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PicSo AI is an online platform that provides an AI Art Generator, allowing users to create artworks conveniently using their mobile phones. With PicSo AI, users can unleash their creativity anytime and anywhere, transforming their ideas into visual representations. The platform offers the capability to share data between a PC and a mobile device, enabling seamless access to the generated artwork.

To create AI-generated art with PicSo AI, users can visit the platform’s “Create” page. The interface allows users to enter specific criteria or descriptions in text format, such as the appearance of characters and other attributes like clothing, hair, face, scene, and accessories. Additionally, users can choose tags to further refine the generated images, including various actions, body poses, and specific visual elements. After inputting the desired information, users can proceed to create AI-generated art.

PicSo AI also offers a “Discover” page where users can explore AI-generated art created by the platform. This feature allows users to discover a variety of unique and visually appealing artworks produced by the AI algorithm employed by PicSo. It provides an opportunity for users to find inspiration and enjoy the diverse range of art generated by the platform’s AI capabilities.

While the provided information about PicSo AI is limited, it highlights the platform’s core features, including the ability to create art using a mobile phone, the option to share data between devices, and the availability of AI-generated art for exploration and discovery.