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Welcome to Ready Player Me, the cutting-edge avatar platform that revolutionizes the way we interact in the virtual world. In this digital realm, avatars serve as our digital counterparts, representing our unique identities and allowing us to engage with various experiences seamlessly. As we continue to build an open and interoperable metaverse, Ready Player Me empowers developers and users alike to create, customize, and utilize personalized avatars across different platforms.


  1. Updated Unity SDK: For developers, our Unity SDK (v1.11.0) brings exciting new features. With the Render API integration, you can create 2D renders of avatars, making it easier to display leaderboards or user profiles in your games. Additionally, we have expanded the caching feature to include runtime caching, enhancing avatar loading efficiency during app or game usage.
  2. SDKLogger: The Unity SDK now includes SDKLogger, a debugging tool that provides essential logs about avatar loading operations and status during runtime. This feature aids developers in identifying and resolving potential issues related to avatar loading.
  3. Improved Documentation: We value our developers and strive to make integration as seamless as possible. Our improved developer documentation offers a “Try me” section for quick start references, a “Partner showcase” section featuring how other developers utilize Ready Player Me, and restructured Unity and Unreal sections for easier setup of the SDKs.
  4. Cardano Blockchain Integration: Ready Player Me now supports the Cardano blockchain, allowing for custom unlockable content based on the network. This integration opens up new opportunities for developers to offer unique experiences and NFT-related features.
  5. Horizontal UI Testing: We are continuously exploring new ways to enhance user experiences. Selected users will soon experience our new horizontal UI, bringing fresh navigation possibilities to the platform.

Use Cases:

  1. Game Developers: Game developers can leverage Ready Player Me’s Unity SDK to create and integrate avatars seamlessly into their gaming experiences. With the Render API and caching features, developers can optimize avatar loading and enhance user engagement.
  2. App Developers: App developers looking to add a personalized touch to their applications can use Ready Player Me to enable users to create and use avatars across various platforms. The enhanced documentation ensures a smooth integration process.
  3. Metaverse Enthusiasts: As the metaverse concept gains traction, enthusiasts can participate in Ready Player Me’s ecosystem to shape the future of avatars and immersive experiences. Join us in building an interconnected metaverse and exploring new horizons.
  4. Blockchain Innovators: The integration of Cardano blockchain opens up possibilities for blockchain innovators to incorporate NFTs and custom unlockable content in their applications and games, offering unique and rewarding experiences to users.
  5. Content Creators: Content creators can use Ready Player Me to personalize avatars for storytelling, virtual events, and interactive experiences, creating engaging content that resonates with their audiences.

Join the Ready Player Me community and become part of the movement that empowers individuals and developers to embrace the metaverse with innovative avatars and immersive experiences. Together, let’s create a more open, connected, and enriching digital universe.