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Siwalu is an innovative AI-based image recognition platform that offers users a mobile solution to identify and learn about various animals. The platform consists of three specialized apps: Dog Scanner, Cat Scanner, and Horse Scanner, each powered by advanced AI algorithms for swift and accurate animal breed identification. With the goal of promoting biodiversity knowledge, Siwalu empowers animal enthusiasts, pet owners, educators, and researchers to explore and appreciate global animal biodiversity through its user-friendly and engaging platform.


  1. AI-powered Image Recognition: Siwalu employs advanced AI algorithms to enable quick and accurate identification of animal breeds, enhancing the user’s understanding of different animal species.
  2. Three Specialized Apps: The platform offers three specialized apps tailored to dog, cat, and horse enthusiasts, catering to the specific interests of different animal lovers.
  3. Social Feed Feature: Users can share their animal-related content and experiences with the Siwalu community, fostering engagement and knowledge-sharing among users.
  4. Partnership with Snapchat: Through a collaboration with Snapchat, Siwalu enables users to identify dog breeds directly from the Snapchat Camera, making breed identification more accessible and interactive.
  5. Promotes Biodiversity Knowledge: Siwalu’s primary aim is to enhance global animal biodiversity knowledge, making it an invaluable resource for educators, researchers, and animal enthusiasts worldwide.

Use Cases:

  1. Animal Breed Identification: Siwalu is the go-to platform for animal breed identification, allowing pet owners, animal enthusiasts, and researchers to accurately identify and learn about different animal breeds with ease.
  2. Community Engagement: The social feed feature encourages users to share their animal-related content and experiences, creating a vibrant community of animal lovers who can interact and exchange knowledge.
  3. Educational Resource: Siwalu serves as an educational resource for educators and researchers interested in promoting biodiversity knowledge and raising awareness about animal species.
  4. Pet Care and Adoption: Pet owners can use Siwalu to identify the breeds of their pets, helping them provide appropriate care and better understand their furry companions.

Siwalu, with its AI-powered image recognition technology, specialized apps, and commitment to biodiversity knowledge, offers a comprehensive and engaging platform for animal enthusiasts and researchers alike. By providing accurate animal breed identification and fostering a community of animal lovers, Siwalu contributes to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse animal world.