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Smart Copy, offered by Unbounce, is an AI-powered copywriting and content generation tool. It utilizes artificial intelligence to generate original and persuasive content for marketing campaigns, such as ads, emails, landing pages, blog posts, product descriptions, and more. The goal of Smart Copy is to help businesses save time and create compelling copy that drives conversions.

With Smart Copy, users can say goodbye to writer’s block as the tool can generate content in just a few seconds based on basic information provided. It leverages AI technology and has read a vast amount of content from the internet, allowing it to write expert-level copy on various topics. By using Smart Copy, businesses can enhance the quality of their content without sacrificing valuable
time and resources.

Smart Copy offers a range of templates, including ad copy, emails, taglines, product descriptions, and more, providing users with options to suit their specific needs. This versatility allows businesses to use Smart Copy across multiple platforms and marketing channels, making it a one-stop-shop for content creation.

The tool is available to all Unbounce customers for free in 2023, with the option to upgrade to paid plans that offer additional copywriting features. The pricing plans can be found on the Unbounce website. Furthermore, Smart Copy can be used directly within the Unbounce platform, allowing users to access it conveniently during their workflow.

Smart Copy also offers a Chrome extension, enabling users to write, expand, or summarize content directly from their browser. This extension can be used while drafting emails, editing shared documents, or working on websites, providing flexibility and accessibility.