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Synthace is a pioneering platform that empowers biologists and scientists with advanced features to enhance their productivity and accelerate lab automation. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Synthace offers a range of improvements that streamline experimental workflows and facilitate seamless collaboration among researchers.


  1. Faster Workflow Calculations: Synthace’s platform simplifies lab automation for biologists by allowing them to describe experiments using common scientific terminology. The platform then translates these descriptions into liquid handling instructions for selected robots. In the latest update, workflow calculations have been dramatically accelerated, providing users with instant feedback and confidence in executing their experiments.
  2. New Pinned Workflows: Users can easily share their workflows with colleagues by “pinning” them in the platform’s cloud-based store. This feature allows for effortless collaboration and customization of workflow parameters to suit specific use cases, thereby fostering efficient teamwork.
  3. Improved File Management: Synthace introduces enhanced file management capabilities, ensuring easy access and organization of experimental data. This improvement streamlines data handling, enabling researchers to focus on analysis and interpretation.
  4. Cherry Picker Feature: The new Cherry Picker feature enables scientists to import work lists directly into the Synthace platform. This functionality simplifies experiment setup and data input, reducing manual efforts and minimizing the chances of errors.

Use Cases:

  1. Lab Automation and Workflow Optimization: Synthace’s AI-powered platform enables biologists to automate their experiments without extensive knowledge of liquid handling processes. By simulating experiments in silico and providing an interactive preview, the platform allows users to identify potential errors and optimize workflows for successful execution.
  2. Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: With the new Pinned Workflows feature, researchers can share their workflows with team members, promoting efficient collaboration and knowledge exchange. This fosters a culture of transparency and accelerates scientific advancements.
  3. Accelerated Experiment Planning: Synthace’s device-agnostic platform supports various liquid handlers and significantly speeds up experiment planning through the smart use of multi-channeling. This feature optimizes resource allocation, making experimentation more efficient.
  4. Data Analysis and Visualization: Synthace enhances data analysis by allowing users to visualize mass spectrometry data and molecular networks. By leveraging feature-based molecular networking and XIC inspection, researchers can obtain more accurate and reliable results.

Synthace’s platform is designed to revolutionize the way biologists conduct experiments, manage data, and collaborate with their peers. With these improvements, researchers can expect increased efficiency, reproducibility, and accelerated scientific discoveries.