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MyHeritage AI Time Machine is a groundbreaking feature that allows users to transform everyday personal photos into hyper-realistic images of themselves as historical figures. With the help of AI technology, users can experience how they might have looked throughout different periods in history, such as ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, the Victorian era, and even as an astronaut in space. This innovative feature brings history to life and offers a fun and engaging way to connect with one’s ancestral past.


  1. Photorealistic transformations: Using text-to-image AI technology, MyHeritage AI Time Machine generates stunning and seamless images that depict users as historical figures. The deep learning, text-to-image model analyzes input photos and creates a personalized model of the person. This model is then combined with various predefined themes representing different historical eras, resulting in photorealistic images that capture the essence of each era.
  2. Wide range of historical themes: MyHeritage AI Time Machine offers dozens of themes, ranging from prehistoric times to outer space in the 21st century. Users can select themes that resonate with their interests and curiosity about different historical periods. The variety of themes ensures a diverse and immersive experience, allowing users to explore various eras and see themselves in the context of history.
  3. Shareability and versatility: The output of MyHeritage AI Time Machine is a series of eight images for each selected theme. Users can download and share a collage with all eight images or share each image individually. This feature enables users to showcase their transformations on social media platforms and engage with friends and family. Additionally, the images can be used as profile pictures or shared in digital albums, creating memorable visual representations of personal connections to history.

Use Cases:

  1. Personal exploration and connection to history: MyHeritage AI Time Machine allows individuals to explore their personal connection to history by visualizing themselves as historical figures. Users can gain a deeper understanding of different time periods and experience a sense of connection to their ancestral past. It offers a unique way to engage with history and sparks curiosity about one’s heritage.
  2. Entertainment and social sharing: MyHeritage AI Time Machine provides a fun and entertaining experience for users. It offers an opportunity to imagine oneself in various historical contexts and share the transformed images with friends and family. The viral nature of the feature and the positive feedback it has received demonstrate its appeal as a source of entertainment and social interaction.