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Artify Labs is a dynamic platform that aims to make art accessible to everyone. Founded in early February 2023, Artify Labs started with a single tool called Draw to Image, targeting artists and AI enthusiasts interested in crypto. However, as the platform grew, so did its vision. Today, Artify Labs caters to a diverse audience, including artists, art enthusiasts, AI and Web3 enthusiasts, NFT collectors, children, parents, craftsmen, and more. The company is driven by a passionate team, led by Dylan (CEO) and Mike (CTO), composed of professionals from various fields, such as software engineers, data scientists, software developers, full-stack engineers, designers, frontend engineers, and content creators.


  1. AI Art Generation: Artify Labs offers a range of tools for generating AI art. These tools include in-house models based on Stable Diffusion, MidJourney’s model integration, and 360-degree world generation for immersive experiences. Users can leverage these AI models to create unique and visually captivating artworks.
  2. Photo Editing and Enhancement: Users can edit their photos using Artify Labs’ platform. The platform provides features to add color and enhance the quality of images using AI-powered algorithms. This allows users to transform their photos into visually appealing artworks with improved aesthetics.
  3. Merchandise Creation: Artify Labs offers users the ability to turn their creations into merchandise. Users can transform their artworks into merchandise items such as hoodies, mugs, t-shirts, and bags. This feature allows artists to showcase their work in tangible forms and explore potential commercial opportunities.

Use Cases:

  1. Artistic Expression and Exploration: Artify Labs provides artists and art enthusiasts with a powerful platform to explore their creativity and express themselves through AI-generated art. The AI models and tools offered by Artify Labs empower artists to experiment with different styles, techniques, and concepts, expanding the boundaries of traditional art forms.
  2. NFT Creation and Trading: With the upcoming updates, Artify Labs aims to enable users to mint NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on the platform. This feature opens up opportunities for artists to tokenize their artworks, establish ownership, and engage in the growing NFT marketplace. Artify Labs aims to facilitate the integration of AI-generated art into the world of blockchain and decentralized digital art ownership.
  3. Artistic Education and Engagement: Artify Labs caters to a diverse audience, including children, parents, and craftsmen. The platform provides an interactive and educational experience for users to learn about art, AI, and creativity. It fosters engagement through social media features, allowing users to create, share, and connect with the art community on the platform.

Artify Labs has achieved significant milestones since its inception, with 20,000 active users, 1,300 token holders, and over 350,000 unique artworks created on the platform. The commercial viability of the platform is evident through the sale of over 200 pieces of merchandise. The company continues to evolve and has exciting plans for the future, including the expansion of features to empower users to create their own AI models and further enhancements to the platform.