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Visit is an innovative platform that utilizes advanced AI music generation techniques to empower creators with unique mood-based music for their videos and podcasts. This cutting-edge AI-driven tool takes away the complexity of advanced music theory and production concepts, making it easy for users to compose royalty-free music that perfectly complements their content.


  1. Genre and Style Selection: Users can either upload a video or podcast or start with a track and choose from 8 different genres to suit their content’s theme.
  2. Multiple Mood Options: Recognizing that the mood of content changes over time, allows users to make multiple cuts and select from a rich selection of 16 moods to fit different parts of their content.
  3. AI-Composed Music: With just a click of the “Compose” button,’s AI takes on the hard work of composing a unique track that matches the chosen moods and style.
  4. Unlimited Customization: Users have the flexibility to customize the length, genre, mood, and instruments to create music tracks that align perfectly with their creative vision.

Use Cases:

  1. Video and Podcast Creators: caters to a diverse range of video and podcast creators who seek music that elevates their storytelling. The platform’s ability to generate mood-based music enables content creators to precisely tailor the music to various sections of their content.
  2. Agencies: Creative agencies can utilize to craft original soundtracks for their clients’ projects, providing customized and unique music that enhances brand storytelling.
  3. Web3 and the Metaverse: As the Metaverse gains prominence, offers a valuable resource for creating immersive and mood-based music experiences in virtual worlds and interactive environments.
  4. Social Media Content: Creators can make use of the royalty-free music generated by to enhance their social media posts and videos, creating engaging and compelling content that resonates with their audience. presents an array of use cases, making it a versatile tool for various industries and creative projects. Its AI-driven approach to music composition, coupled with the ability to customize each track, ensures that users can effortlessly find the perfect music to complement their storytelling. With, creators can unlock the potential of mood-based music to elevate the impact of their content and captivate their audiences.