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Blockode AI Photo Studio is an innovative tool that enables users to create personalized and high-quality photoshoots based on user-uploaded selfies. With its AI technology, the tool generates 100 avatars in 4K resolution, offering various character styles and AI prompt assists for a customized and unique photoshoot experience.


  1. Custom AI Photoshoot Generation: Users can upload selfies from different angles and create a custom prompt to generate 100 personalized avatars in 4K resolution. This feature allows users to create a photoshoot that reflects their unique style and preferences.
  2. Diverse Avatar Options: Blockode AI Photo Studio offers a range of character styles to choose from, including paladins, wizards, pirates, vampires, and more. Users can select the character style that aligns with their vision and creative needs.
  3. AI Prompt Assists: The tool provides 30 AI prompt assists to help users craft the perfect prompt for their photoshoot. These prompts serve as inspiration and guidance, enhancing the creative process and ensuring the desired outcome.
  4. High-Quality Images: Blockode AI Photo Studio generates 100 avatars in 4K resolution, resulting in visually stunning and professional-quality images. The high resolution allows for detailed and realistic representations of the avatars.
  5. Affordable Solution: Blockode AI Photo Studio offers an affordable option for users to experience the benefits of custom AI model training. With its pricing plans, users can enjoy a personalized photoshoot without significant financial investment.

Use Cases:

  1. Personal Branding: Individuals can utilize Blockode AI Photo Studio to create unique and personalized photoshoots that reflect their personal brand. These customized images can be used for social media profiles, websites, or personal portfolios, enhancing their online presence.
  2. Marketing and Advertising: Businesses can leverage Blockode AI Photo Studio to create captivating visuals for marketing campaigns and advertising materials. The tool’s ability to generate diverse avatars and high-quality images can help businesses stand out and engage their target audience.
  3. Creative Projects: Blockode AI Photo Studio can be a valuable tool for artists and designers working on creative projects. The customizable nature of the photoshoots allows for artistic exploration and inspiration, enabling the creation of unique illustrations, animations, or storytelling elements.


Blockode AI Photo Studio offers a personalized and innovative solution for generating customized photoshoots. With its AI technology, diverse character styles, and AI prompt assists, users can create high-quality images that align with their personal branding, marketing goals, or creative projects. Embrace the power of AI and capture your unique style with Blockode AI Photo Studio.