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Coqui is an innovative platform at the forefront of generative AI voices, designed to cater to the needs of creative professionals across various industries. With its advanced tools and intuitive interface, Coqui Studio empowers users to achieve their voiceover goals effortlessly. The platform’s recent February 2023 release introduces several exciting features, making it even more versatile and efficient. Notable enhancements include the Voice Fusion tool, new built-in speakers, social login integration, an even faster advanced editor, and a better voice cloning model. Coqui Studio continues to be a game-changer for voiceover needs, providing high-quality generative AI voices with ease.


  1. Voice Fusion: Coqui Studio’s Voice Fusion feature allows users to combine the best qualities of two different speakers, generating a new voice with a unique tone, pitch, and style. This opens up possibilities for voice casting and character development, making it a valuable tool for creative professionals.
  2. New Built-in Speakers: With over 30 additional built-in speakers, Coqui Studio offers users a wider range of voice options to choose from. These speakers cater to various styles, including confident, authoritative, bold, and charismatic voices, making the platform a comprehensive solution for generative AI voices.
  3. Social Login Integration: Coqui Studio now supports social login with Google or GitHub accounts, simplifying the onboarding process for users. This feature saves time for those who already have existing Google or GitHub accounts and eliminates the need to create a new account for using the platform.
  4. Even Faster Advanced Editor: Coqui Studio’s advanced editor has been optimized for faster and smoother directorial experiences. The duration, pitch, and volume sliders now offer snappier reaction times, giving users full control over their generative AI voices with ease. Additionally, the editor allows users to change pitch and volume for entire lines, adding to the editing capabilities.
  5. Better Voice Cloning Model: Coqui Studio enhances its voice cloning model to produce higher-quality clones with just 3 seconds of audio. This improvement is a game-changer for creative professionals seeking the right voice quickly and efficiently, making the voice cloning process more accessible and effective.

Use Cases:

  1. Voice Casting and Character Development: The Voice Fusion feature enables users to create unique voices by blending different speakers, making it ideal for voice casting and character development in various multimedia projects, including animations, video games, and audiobooks.
  2. Versatile Voiceovers: Coqui Studio’s extensive library of built-in speakers caters to a wide range of voice styles, making it suitable for diverse voiceover requirements in commercials, presentations, e-learning modules, and more.
  3. Time-Saving Voice Cloning: Creative professionals can efficiently clone voices using Coqui Studio’s improved model, saving time and effort in finding the perfect voice for specific projects.


Coqui Studio’s February 2023 release reaffirms its position as a cutting-edge platform for generative AI voices. With the addition of Voice Fusion, new built-in speakers, social login integration, an even faster advanced editor, and a better voice cloning model, Coqui continues to meet the voiceover needs of creative professionals across industries. The platform’s intuitive interface and high-quality AI voices make it a reliable tool for achieving outstanding voice content with ease.