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Digital First AI is a future-proof marketing platform that offers a range of features and tools to help businesses optimize their marketing strategies. With Digital First AI, users can access custom-made marketing strategies, manage sales and marketing funnels, and leverage AI-generated content and graphics. The platform aims to simplify the marketing process, empower users to take control of their marketing strategies, and foster collaboration among team members and industry experts.

The platform provides a variety of functionalities and resources to support marketers and growth hackers. Here are some key features offered by Digital First AI:

Sales & Marketing Funnels: Users can create and manage their sales and marketing funnels within the platform. They can select specific tasks and actions that need to be executed to drive their marketing campaigns forward.

Dashboard: The platform offers a centralized dashboard where users can access all the necessary information and tools. The dashboard provides an overview of the funnel, displays the remaining AI credits, and allows quick access to the AI content and marketing asset generator.

Marketing Tactics Library: For those new to marketing or looking to expand their knowledge, Digital First AI offers a comprehensive marketing tactics library. Users can explore and choose from over 1000 battle-proven tactics to achieve their marketing goals.

Tactical Flow: To simplify the execution of marketing tactics, the platform provides a “Tactical Flow” feature. Users can plan and define the flow between tactics and funnel stages, helping them navigate the marketing process step by step.

Team Collaboration: Digital First AI facilitates teamwork by allowing users to invite team members to collaborate on the platform. This feature enables joint decision-making on tactics and flows, enhancing coordination and alignment within marketing teams.

AI-Generated Content: The platform leverages AI technology, specifically ChatGPT-4, to generate content automatically. Users can utilize this feature to create content for various parts of their funnel, such as AIDA, lead magnets, e-books, personal branding, or social media posts. The generated content is available in multiple languages.

Auto-Generated Graphics: Digital First AI eliminates the need for outsourcing graphic design by providing a feature to create graphics for social media channels. Users can generate ready-to-use graphics formats for different platforms with just a few clicks.

AI-Generated Images: The platform also offers an AI image creator, enabling users to generate images based on a single sentence. These images can be utilized for communication purposes on social media and other channels.

Business Model Canvas: To help users get started and establish their marketing goals, Digital First AI provides business model canvases as guidelines. These canvases allow users to map out their business models and define their marketing priorities.

Growth Hacker Collaboration: For businesses in need of growth hacking expertise, the platform offers a marketplace where users can share their funnels and connect with digital marketing experts. Users can compare offers and expertise to find a growth hacker specialized in their niche.

Digital First AI is designed and developed by a team of marketing enthusiasts who have accumulated nearly a decade of experience in various digital marketing niches. The company aims to address the challenges faced by marketers, such as the lack of standards and the complexity of the Martech market. By creating a platform that combines their expertise and encourages knowledge-sharing, Digital First AI strives to set new standards and become a model for the marketing industry.