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Visit is a prominent legal research platform that offers innovative solutions to simplify legal research and improve the efficiency of legal professionals. With its cutting-edge technology, aims to revolutionize the way legal research is conducted and empower lawyers, researchers, and other legal practitioners to find relevant case law and legal information with ease.


  1. SmartSearch: utilizes its proprietary SmartSearch technology, which employs natural language processing and artificial intelligence to deliver highly relevant and accurate search results. This feature enables users to find the most pertinent case law and statutes quickly and efficiently.
  2. CARA A.I.: Casetext’s CARA (Case Analysis Research Assistant) A.I. is an advanced research tool that analyzes uploaded legal documents, such as briefs, complaints, or motions, to identify the most relevant authorities that can support the user’s arguments. This AI-powered feature saves time and ensures comprehensive legal research.
  3. Legal Research Community: fosters a collaborative legal research community where legal professionals can share insights, annotations, and comments on cases, statutes, and legal documents. This interactive platform encourages knowledge exchange and enhances the depth of legal research.
  4. Citator: Casetext’s Citator feature helps users validate the validity of legal authorities by providing a comprehensive list of all the citing cases and citing references for a particular legal document. This helps lawyers understand the impact and precedential value of a particular case.
  5. Document Analysis: Users can upload legal documents, and Casetext’s technology can analyze and extract relevant information from these documents, making it easier to locate specific points of interest and critical legal information.

Use Cases:

  1. Legal Professionals: is a valuable resource for lawyers, attorneys, and legal researchers who require efficient access to comprehensive legal information. The platform’s AI-driven search and analysis tools streamline legal research processes, enabling professionals to build stronger legal arguments.
  2. Law Students: Law students can benefit from’s user-friendly interface and AI-powered search capabilities to conduct in-depth research for assignments, essays, and moot court competitions.
  3. Legal Scholars and Academics: offers an extensive collection of case law and legal materials, making it an indispensable resource for legal scholars and academics conducting legal research and writing scholarly articles.
  4. Pro Se Litigants: Self-represented litigants can leverage’s intuitive search interface and legal research tools to gain a better understanding of legal issues and relevant case law in their cases.