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Visit is a comprehensive platform dedicated to providing crime analysis and detection services, helping residents and travelers stay informed and safe in specific areas. With a mission to keep users alert and aware of potential risks, offers personalized crime reports and timely crime notifications, making it an invaluable tool for enhancing personal safety and security.


  1. Crime Notifications: offers timely alerts regarding criminal activities in areas that matter most to users. By receiving these notifications, individuals can stay updated on the security situation in their neighborhoods or the places they plan to visit.
  2. Home Screen Integration: Users can add to their device’s home screen for quick and convenient access to crime-related information. This feature ensures that critical crime updates are readily available at users’ fingertips.
  3. Neighborhood Analysis: provides valuable insights into crime trends and patterns specific to users’ neighborhoods or any desired location. This neighborhood analysis aids in understanding the safety dynamics of a particular area.
  4. Safety Recommendations: The platform also offers recommendations and suggestions on how to enhance personal safety and security measures. These practical tips empower users to take proactive steps in safeguarding themselves and their surroundings.

Use Cases:

  1. Stay Alert and Informed: is especially useful for individuals who want to stay informed about crime activities in areas that are relevant to them. Whether they are residents or travelers, this feature allows users to be vigilant and aware of potential risks.
  2. Safety Monitoring for Neighborhoods: Residents can use to monitor the safety of their neighborhoods and stay updated on any concerning developments. This ensures they can take necessary precautions and be proactive in ensuring the security of their surroundings.
  3. Personalized Crime Reports: By signing up for a free account, users gain access to personalized crime reports. These reports offer an in-depth analysis of crime trends in specific locations, enabling users to make informed decisions about their safety and security.