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Dynaboard AI is a revolutionary tool that accelerates the process of building custom, production-grade software, no matter how complex. With its suite of AI functionalities, Dynaboard AI empowers developers, PMs, BI analysts, and engineers to create robust applications quickly and efficiently.


  1. UI Generation: Dynaboard AI enables you to create data-rich UIs and forms effortlessly using natural language. By typing prompts into the command bar, Dynaboard AI builds components for various data-rich forms, such as editing database records, displaying detailed user information, and collecting survey responses. These components are automatically configured, placed, and named based on your prompt, saving you time and reducing errors. Once added to the page, these UI components can be easily modified or moved like any other component.
  2. Code Generation: Dynaboard AI generates TypeScript / JavaScript, SQL, and CSS to streamline your coding process. By connecting your PostgreSQL, MySQL, or BigQuery database, you can create charts, tables, and visualizations by simply describing what you want to see. For instance, with a prompt like “histogram of weekly partner signups over the past 90 days,” Dynaboard AI offers visualization options and automatically places the chart on the page with titles, axes, and dimension names.
  3. Code Refactoring: Dynaboard AI’s code refactoring feature allows you to update code and queries across your application by explaining what changes you want to make. It understands your existing pages, functions, components, and database schema, making modifications and improvements seamless. For example, you can update existing queries by clicking the inline AI button and instructing it to filter results based on specific inputs.

Use Cases:

  1. Effortless UI Creation: Developers can leverage Dynaboard AI to quickly build UI components for data-rich forms, such as database record editing and survey responses. This saves time and ensures components are appropriately configured and named.
  2. Streamlined Coding: Dynaboard AI simplifies the coding process by generating TypeScript / JavaScript, SQL, and CSS based on your descriptions. You can easily create charts, tables, and visualizations without delving into complex code.
  3. Code Enhancement: Enhance your existing applications by using Dynaboard AI to refactor and update code and queries across your app. This feature makes it easy to keep your apps up-to-date and responsive to changing requirements.
  4. Database-Driven Apps: Dynaboard AI’s ability to generate applications from SQL databases, such as PostgreSQL and MySQL, reduces development time spent on app scaffolding. It’s ideal for building web applications and internal tools that are powered by complex databases.
  5. Low-Code Development: Dynaboard AI combines low-code development with AI-powered features, allowing teams to collaborate in real-time on internal tools and applications. The boilerplate generation is solved by AI, and composable UI components enhance the development process.

In summary, Dynaboard AI offers a range of powerful features that streamline UI creation, code generation, and code refactoring. It enables developers and teams to build efficient and sophisticated applications while reducing the time and effort traditionally required for software development.