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Ebsynth is a versatile tool for example-based image synthesis and style transfer. It offers various functionalities for tasks such as guided texture synthesis, artistic style transfer, content-aware inpainting, and super-resolution. Unlike some recent approaches, Ebsynth does not rely on neural networks but instead utilizes state-of-the-art non-parametric texture synthesis algorithms. By adopting a patch-based approach, Ebsynth is capable of producing high-quality results while preserving fine details from the original image.


  1. Example-based Image Synthesis: Ebsynth allows users to synthesize images based on examples. By providing a style image and a guide image, users can generate a new image that matches the desired style while respecting the guidance provided.
  2. Guided Texture Synthesis: Ebsynth enables the synthesis of textures using a guide image. This functionality is useful for creating new textures based on existing examples, allowing users to generate diverse and visually appealing textures.
  3. Artistic Style Transfer: With Ebsynth, users can transfer the artistic style of one image onto another. By specifying a style image and using a guide image, users can create a new image that combines the style of the source image with the content of the target image.
  4. Content-Aware Inpainting: Ebsynth supports content-aware inpainting, allowing users to fill in missing or damaged parts of an image while preserving the surrounding content. This feature is useful for image restoration and editing tasks.
  5. Super-Resolution: Ebsynth provides super-resolution capabilities, enabling users to enhance the resolution and quality of low-resolution images by leveraging examples and guidance.

Use Cases:

  1. Guided Texture Synthesis: Ebsynth can be used to create new textures based on existing examples. This feature finds applications in various fields, such as game development, digital art, and graphic design, where diverse and visually appealing textures are required.
  2. Artistic Style Transfer: Ebsynth’s style transfer functionality allows users to create images with the artistic style of their choice. This capability finds applications in creating unique and stylized artworks, generating customized visual content, and adding artistic effects to images.
  3. Content-Aware Inpainting: Ebsynth’s content-aware inpainting feature is useful for restoring and editing images. It enables users to fill in missing or damaged parts of an image while preserving the overall visual coherence, making it valuable for photo editing, restoration, and retouching tasks.
  4. Super-Resolution: Ebsynth’s super-resolution capabilities can be employed to enhance the resolution and quality of low-resolution images. This functionality is beneficial in scenarios where high-quality visuals are required, such as in image processing, computer vision, and printing applications.

Please note that the provided information is based on the content available up to September 2021 and may not reflect any recent updates or developments related to Ebsynth. For more detailed information and the latest updates, it is recommended to visit the official Ebsynth website at and other relevant sources.