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Evoke Music is an Audio Post Production and Music Production Studio that specializes in various audio services, including commercial advertising, voiceover, podcast production, theatre production, and live sound. With a strong focus on delivering high-quality productions, Evoke Music is dedicated to evoking emotions, contextualizing environments, and enhancing the storytelling experience for its clients. The studio collaborates closely with clients throughout the audio production process, ensuring that each project is crafted with attention to detail and creativity, resulting in unique and emotive audio services that serve the narrative.


  1. Audio Post Production: Evoke Music offers comprehensive audio post-production services, which encompass everything from sound design to final mixing and mastering. The studio ensures that audio elements are seamlessly integrated to enhance the overall storytelling experience.
  2. Music Production: With a team of experienced musicians and music producers, Evoke Music creates original compositions and soundtracks tailored to the specific requirements of each project. Their expertise spans various genres, ensuring a diverse and engaging musical output.
  3. Podcast Production: Evoke Music is well-versed in podcast production, offering services that include audio editing, mixing, and adding sound effects to elevate the podcast listening experience.
  4. Voiceover Services: The studio provides professional voiceover services, adding captivating narrations and character voices to various projects, be it commercials, videos, or audiobooks.
  5. Live Sound: Evoke Music specializes in delivering high-quality live sound experiences for theatrical performances, concerts, and events. Their team ensures seamless audio engineering to optimize the audience’s audio experience.

Use Cases:

  1. Commercial Advertising: Evoke Music collaborates with brands and marketing agencies to create captivating audio content for advertising campaigns. Their attention to detail and ability to evoke emotions through sound contribute to the success of marketing efforts.
  2. Podcast Production: Podcasters can benefit from Evoke Music’s expertise in podcast production, enhancing the quality and professionalism of their shows.
  3. Theatre Production: Evoke Music’s audio post-production services add depth and realism to theatrical performances, creating immersive experiences for the audience.
  4. Voiceover Services: Evoke Music provides high-quality voiceover services, making them an excellent choice for audiobooks, animated videos, and other narration-based projects.
  5. Live Events: Musicians, performers, and event organizers can rely on Evoke Music’s expertise in live sound engineering to deliver exceptional audio experiences during concerts and events.