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Gatherly AI is a virtual event platform that leverages artificial intelligence to provide a seamless and engaging experience for virtual events. With a focus on networking, attendee connection, and user-friendly features, Gatherly AI aims to revolutionize the way virtual events are conducted. It offers a visually appealing user interface with customizable branding options, making it suitable for various event types, including expos, conferences, webinars, and more. The platform’s integration with CRM, marketing, and point-of-sale tools enables organizers to capture leads, engage with the community, and create new income streams effortlessly. As a result, Gatherly AI acts as a valuable team member, helping to create effective infrastructures and handle the back-end administration and tech support.


  1. Networking and Attendee Connection: Gatherly AI prioritizes networking, enabling event attendees to meet, connect, and engage with each other seamlessly. The platform offers networking rooms with ample capacity for interactions, fostering a sense of community among participants.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The user interface of Gatherly AI is visually appealing and customizable, allowing event organizers to brand the event experience effectively. This branded approach helps attendees identify and engage with the event’s tone and brand from the moment they check-in.
  3. Lead Generation and CRM Integration: To enhance event outcomes, Gatherly AI integrates with various CRM, marketing, and point-of-sale tools. This integration allows organizers to capture leads, analyze attendee insights, and gather valuable data into their CRM for further action and lead management.
  4. Event Scheduling and Presentation Screening: Gatherly AI facilitates event scheduling and presentation screening, ensuring smooth event organization and seamless transitions between different sessions or speakers.

Use Cases:

  1. Expos and Conferences: Gatherly AI is an ideal virtual event platform for expos and conferences where networking and attendee interaction are crucial for the event’s success. The platform’s networking rooms and user-friendly interface create an immersive experience for participants.
  2. Webinars and Workshops: For webinars and workshops, Gatherly AI’s presentation screening and event scheduling features make it easy to organize and manage different sessions, ensuring a seamless flow of the event.
  3. Corporate Events and Business Networking: Gatherly AI’s focus on networking and connection makes it suitable for corporate events and business networking gatherings, facilitating meaningful interactions and lead generation opportunities.
  4. Marketing and Lead Capture: The platform’s lead generation capabilities and integration with CRM and marketing tools make it a valuable tool for capturing leads, engaging with the community, and creating new income streams through virtual events.

Gatherly AI stands out among virtual event platforms due to its emphasis on networking, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration with essential tools. Whether it’s large-scale digital events, business conferences, or marketing-oriented gatherings, Gatherly AI provides the infrastructure and support needed to make virtual events successful and engaging for participants.