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Welcome to Gift Matchr, your gateway to maximizing the impact of your generous contributions. With this innovative platform, you have the power to unlock corporate matching gift programs, effectively doubling or even tripling the support you provide to your favorite causes and nonprofit organizations.


  1. Matching Gift Alerts: Gift Matchr keeps you informed about matching gift opportunities associated with your donations. Receive real-time alerts and notifications when your contributions are eligible for corporate matching, ensuring you never miss a chance to magnify your impact.
  2. Customized Donor Profiles: Create a personalized donor profile within Gift Matchr, including details about your workplace and employer. Our platform utilizes this information to identify and present matching gift opportunities tailored to your unique circumstances.
  3. Effortless Matching Process: Say goodbye to complicated paperwork and lengthy processes. Gift Matchr streamlines the matching gift application process, guiding you through each step with clear instructions and direct links to your employer’s matching gift portal.
  4. Donation Conversion Boost: Research shows that donors are more likely to contribute when they know their donation will be matched by their employer. Gift Matchr strategically incorporates messaging about matching gifts into your fundraising appeals, increasing donor engagement and conversion rates.
  5. Donor-Focused Language: Our communication templates are crafted to resonate with individual donors, making the concept of matching gifts easily understandable and appealing. Donors are empowered to take action and participate in their companies’ match programs effortlessly.

Use Cases:

  1. Donor Empowerment: Gift Matchr empowers donors like you to make an even greater impact on the causes you care about. By seamlessly connecting you with matching gift programs, we enable you to amplify your support without any additional financial burden.
  2. Nonprofit Support: Nonprofit organizations benefit from Gift Matchr’s integration of matching gift appeals into their fundraising campaigns. Our platform helps nonprofits increase their revenue potential by educating donors about matching gift opportunities and providing them with clear steps to take advantage of these programs.
  3. Corporate Giving Engagement: For corporations looking to enhance their corporate social responsibility efforts, Gift Matchr serves as a valuable tool to engage employees in charitable giving. By encouraging employees to participate in matching gift programs, companies can demonstrate their commitment to making a positive impact in the community.
  4. Streamlined Process: Gift Matchr simplifies the matching gift process for both donors and nonprofits. Donors can confidently initiate matching gift requests, while nonprofits can focus on their mission instead of navigating complex administrative procedures.
  5. Increased Fundraising Success: Nonprofits that incorporate Gift Matchr’s donor-focused matching gift messaging into their appeals experience higher conversion rates and increased donation amounts. This translates to greater fundraising success and the ability to further their mission.

Gift Matchr is your partner in maximizing the impact of your donations and supporting the causes that matter most to you. With our user-friendly platform, personalized profiles, and strategic messaging, you can effortlessly double or triple your support and contribute to positive change in your community. Join us today and unlock the potential of matching gifts with Gift Matchr!