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Linksquares is a contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Throughout the year 2022, Linksquares introduced several new features to enhance its end-to-end contract management capabilities. The platform focuses on driving efficiencies, encouraging collaboration, and providing flexibility in day-to-day contract-related tasks. With features like Finalize, Analyze, LinkSquares Sign, AI-powered contract review, document comparison, and more, Linksquares empowers organizations to manage their contracts effectively and automate various aspects of the contract lifecycle.


  1. Linksquares Finalize: This feature aids in writing better contracts and automating the contract creation and review processes. Users receive immediate insights into contracts under review through AI-driven Smart Values, automating the first pass of contract review.
  2. AI-Powered Contract Review: AI in both Finalize and Analyze uses proprietary algorithms to extract key contract data called Smart Values. This feature enables effortless extraction of essential contract information for efficient analysis and decision-making.
  3. Document Comparison: Linksquares allows users to compare two documents, highlighting the changes between them. This feature ensures visibility into contract modifications made during redlines.
  4. Conditional Tasks: With Conditional Tasks, users can add conditional approvals and tasks into custom templates, expediting the time-to-signature and eliminating manual requests for every submission.
  5. Enhanced Agreement Statuses: Finalize offers enhanced agreement statuses, providing descriptive status names that represent the contract’s lifecycle accurately. Users have the flexibility to start the contract process at their preferred stage, move freely between statuses, and roll back to a previous status as needed.
  6. LinkSquares Sign: Introduced in 2022, LinkSquares Sign is an eSignature solution natively integrated into the Linksquares platform. It accelerates signature collection, streamlining contract management within a single platform [1].

Use Cases:

  1. Efficient Contract Management: Linksquares simplifies the contract review process through AI-powered Smart Values, saving time and effort in manual contract analysis.
  2. Contractual Data Accessibility: By providing well-organized and easily accessible contract information, Linksquares enables users to measure and mitigate legal risks more effectively.
  3. Streamlined Contract Creation: The Agreement Request functionality in the Finalize app within Salesforce helps the sales team request agreements smoothly, promoting faster contract creation.
  4. Real-time Insights: Activity Insights in Finalize allows users to monitor contract creation actions, identify potential bottlenecks, and send reminders to keep the process moving smoothly.

Linksquares offers a comprehensive AI-powered contract lifecycle management solution with an array of features that enhance contract creation, review, and management processes. From AI-driven Smart Values to streamlined eSignature capabilities, Linksquares empowers organizations to achieve efficiency, collaboration, and flexibility in their contract-related activities. Through its success stories and common use cases, Linksquares demonstrates how it benefits businesses by simplifying contract management and mitigating legal risks.