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Looka AI is an online logo maker that utilizes artificial intelligence to assist users in creating professional logos for their businesses. It offers a range of features and customization options to help users design their own unique brand identity.

When using Looka AI, the process begins by entering your company name and selecting the industry you work in. The AI-driven system then generates logo concepts based on your inputs and preferences. Looka provides a wide range of logo styles and categories to choose from, allowing users to explore different options.

The platform offers automatic customization features, including suggested alternatives, layout variations, and color palette adjustments. These AI-driven shortcuts provide users with alternative design options based on their current selections. Additionally, Looka allows users to customize their logo by choosing different backgrounds, fonts, and colors.

Users can preview their logo designs on various digital platforms such as websites, social media accounts, business cards, and merchandise. This helps users visualize how their logo would appear in different contexts and aids in brand development.

According to user reviews, Looka has received positive feedback for its user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and the quality of the logos it produces. However, some users have mentioned that the auto-generated logos may sometimes differ from their initial directions, and the website’s performance can be slow at times.

In terms of pricing, Looka offers subscription plans, including the Brand Kit Subscription and Brand Kit Web Subscription, as well as one-time logo packages. The subscriptions provide ongoing access to the Brand Kit, which contains over 300 customizable marketing materials. Users can make unlimited edits to their logo even after downloading the files. The logo packages offer different file formats and color variations but do not provide access to the ready-to-go designs.

Overall, Looka AI is regarded as a reliable and valuable tool for creating professional logos quickly and easily. It has garnered positive reviews for its customization options, affordability, and time-saving capabilities.