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Playstrict is an innovative game growth platform designed to help game developers market and promote their mobile games effectively. With a focus on maximizing user engagement and player acquisition, Playstrict offers a comprehensive set of tools and features to boost visibility, increase downloads, and improve user reviews. Whether you’re an indie game developer or part of a large game studio, Playstrict provides personalized support and data-driven insights to optimize your marketing campaigns. The platform is user-friendly and empowers developers to reach a wider audience, making it the ultimate solution for gaming growth.


  1. Game Checker: Playstrict’s Game Checker tool offers instant market validation for developers. It provides valuable suggestions for further game development and highlights the necessary steps to be taken to enhance the game’s performance.
  2. Funnels & Analytics: The platform’s marketing feature includes Funnels & Analytics, which allows developers to analyze user behavior, track conversion rates, and identify opportunities for improvement. This data-driven approach helps developers create effective marketing strategies.
  3. Campaign Manager: Playstrict offers various campaign types that developers can set up, including Pre-Save, Soft Launch, and Boost Game campaigns. These tailored campaigns are designed to maximize user engagement and drive downloads.
  4. Marketing Tactics: Playstrict provides a range of marketing tactics to help developers acquire new customers and promote their games effectively. These tactics ensure increased visibility and targeted outreach to the right audience.
  5. Recommendation Engine: With the power of AI, Playstrict’s Recommendation Engine enables developers to target new gamers and expand their audience. The platform emphasizes machine learning development and offers a strong focus on mobile games.
  6. Promotion Services: Playstrict allows developers to publish their games for free and provides comprehensive marketing, discovery, and promotion services. This enables devs to grow and monetize their games efficiently.

Use Cases:

  1. Acquiring New Players: Playstrict’s data-driven insights and marketing tactics are invaluable for acquiring new players and expanding the player base for mobile games.
  2. Soft Launch Campaigns: Game developers can utilize Playstrict’s Soft Launch campaigns to test and refine their games before full release, ensuring a successful launch.
  3. Data Analytics: The platform’s data analytics feature provides valuable performance data and user behavior insights to help developers optimize their games and marketing strategies.

Playstrict is a game-changing platform that caters to the needs of game developers seeking rapid growth in the competitive gaming market. Its advanced tools, personalized support, and focus on mobile games make it the ultimate solution for boosting game visibility, engagement, and success.