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A.V. Mapping is a groundbreaking AI-powered music video platform that revolutionizes the process of matching video soundtracks to videos. Established in January 2020, the company was born from the vision of its founder and CEO, Frinny Lee, a film composer with years of experience in the media industry. The platform aims to solve the problems faced by filmmakers and musicians by leveraging AI technology to streamline the process of finding and licensing music for videos. A.V. Mapping provides a one-stop solution for video creators to efficiently match soundtracks and offers musicians a platform to sell their music to a global audience. With its unique AI model, A.V. Mapping analyzes both music and video to recommend the most suitable music for each video, making it an invaluable resource for video production.


  1. AI-Powered Music Recommendation: A.V. Mapping uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze video and music content and provide suitable music recommendations based on factors such as plot, emotions, and genre. This feature allows video creators to quickly find the perfect music for their videos, saving time and effort.
  2. Streamlined Music Licensing: The platform offers a comprehensive AI video and music licensing map, simplifying the music search and licensing process for video makers. By using A.V. Mapping, videomakers can reduce hidden costs and save valuable time in the licensing process.
  3. AI-Driven Audio Editing: A.V. Mapping provides a range of AI-driven audio editing features, including noise reduction and sound design, to enhance the audio quality of videos. This ensures that video makers can deliver high-quality audio in their productions.
  4. API Support and Offline Services: A.V. Mapping offers API support, allowing seamless integration with other tools and services. Additionally, offline services are available to cater to various needs of videomakers and musicians.

Use Cases:

  1. Simplifying Music Licensing: A.V. Mapping simplifies the complex process of music licensing for videomakers. Its AI-powered recommendations ensure that the right music is chosen for each video, reducing the time and effort spent on finding suitable tracks.
  2. Enhancing Audio Quality: By providing AI-driven audio editing features, A.V. Mapping enables video makers to improve the audio quality of their productions. Noise reduction and sound design tools help create a polished and professional sound.
  3. Boosting Efficiency for Musicians: Musicians benefit from A.V. Mapping by getting paid directly for their music used in videos. The platform offers a streamlined way for musicians to connect with videomakers, expanding their audience and potential earnings.
  4. Time-Saving and Cost-Efficient: With A.V. Mapping’s one-stop platform, video creators can significantly reduce the time spent searching for the right music and licensing tracks. This efficiency translates into cost savings and quicker video production cycles.

In conclusion, A.V. Mapping’s innovative AI-driven platform offers a seamless solution for videomakers and musicians alike. By harnessing the power of AI to analyze video and music content, the platform streamlines the music-for-video search and licensing process, making it a valuable resource for the creative industry. With its focus on efficiency, convenience, and quality, A.V. Mapping is poised to transform the way music is used in videos and elevate the overall video production experience.