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ArtGuru is an AI platform that offers various artwork and personalized experiences. It utilizes advanced AI models and image recognition algorithms to generate artwork based on given keywords or images. ArtGuru has two main categories: AI Images and AI Aniself.

  1. AI Images: This category allows users to generate images based on keywords. Users can input short-tailed or long-tailed keywords to generate specific images. ArtGuru provides customization options such as selecting image styles like Fantasy 3D, Van Gogh, Landscape, Anime, and Freestyle, as well as adjusting the aspect ratio of the images, including square, portrait, and landscape.
  2. AI Aniself: In this category, users can create animated avatars of themselves. By uploading an image or selfie, advanced AI technology identifies the images and converts them into animated avatar-like images. Users also have the option to customize the images by inserting keywords.

To access ArtGuru’s tools, you can visit their website and choose either “Create AI Aniself” or “Create AI Images”. The platform guides users through a simple process of describing the image or uploading a selfie, selecting customization options, and generating the desired artwork.

ArtGuru offers artists, designers, and content creators a convenient way to generate unique avatar designs for artwork, illustrations, animations, and storytelling projects. It also allows individuals to create personalized avatars for social media profiles, gaming platforms, and online communities. By using ArtGuru, users can express their style and personality through highly realistic and expressive avatars.