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InvokeAI is a leading creative engine built to empower professionals, artists, and enthusiasts in generating and creating visual media using the latest AI-driven technologies. It offers an industry-leading Web User Interface (UI) and supports terminal use through a Command Line Interface (CLI). InvokeAI serves as the foundation for multiple commercial products.


  1. Web User Interface:
    • ControlNet interface: Provides fine control over the posture of figures in generated images by illustrating the desired end result.
    • Dynamic Prompts interface: Allows the generation of combinations of prompt elements.
    • Redesigned user interface: Provides easier access to frequently-used elements, such as the random seed generator.
    • Multiple image galleries: Enables the organization of generated images topically or chronologically.
    • Graphical node editor: Allows the design and execution of complex image generation operations through a point-and-click interface.
    • Launching the WebUI: Now launched from the command line using “invokeai-web” instead of “invokeai –web”.
  2. Command Line Tool:
    • New developer-oriented tool: “invokeai-node-cli” replaces the previous command line tool and allows experimentation with InvokeAI nodes.
  3. Installer:
    • Redesigned console-based model installer: “invokeai-model-install” provides tabs for installing various models, including checkpoint models, diffusers models, ControlNet models, LoRAs, and Textual Inversion embeddings. It supports local installation from disk, as well as installation using web URLs or Repo_IDs[1].

Use Cases: InvokeAI can be used in various domains and applications, including but not limited to:

  • Creative professionals: Artists, designers, and content creators can leverage InvokeAI to generate stunning visual media and explore new artistic possibilities.
  • Image manipulation: InvokeAI’s node-based approach allows users to easily manipulate and transform images for various purposes.
  • Research and experimentation: InvokeAI provides a platform for researchers and enthusiasts to experiment with AI-driven technologies and develop novel applications.
  • Commercial products: InvokeAI serves as the foundation for multiple commercial products, enabling businesses to incorporate AI-generated visuals into their offerings[2].

By harnessing the power of AI-driven technologies, InvokeAI empowers users to unlock their creative potential and push the boundaries of visual media generation.