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Visit is an innovative AI-powered platform dedicated to sound source separation tasks. Sound demixing, also known as sound source separation, involves the process of isolating different tracks from a single audio signal. These tracks can include drums, bass, vocals, and other accompanying elements. The platform offers cutting-edge AI algorithms and benchmarks for music demixing, making it a valuable resource for researchers, musicians, and audio enthusiasts. By providing top results in the Music Demixing Challenge 2023 and offering an open-source approach, aims to revolutionize sound source separation in various industries.


  1. AI-Powered Sound Source Separation: leverages advanced AI technology to separate various audio tracks from a mixed audio signal. Its algorithms can accurately identify and isolate components like drums, bass, vocals, and more.
  2. Benchmarks and Leaderboards: The platform introduces new benchmarks for sound source separation tasks. It offers a comparison of popular models for sound demixing and their ensembles on these benchmarks. The provided leaderboard enables users to assess the performance of different models.
  3. Top Results in Music Demixing Challenge:’s novel approach for audio separation, based on ensembling different models suited to specific stems, achieved top results in different tracks of the Music Demixing Challenge 2023.
  4. Open-Source Approach: The proposed solution for audio separation is open-sourced on GitHub, allowing researchers and developers to access and contribute to the development of sound source separation techniques.

Use Cases:

  1. Music Production and Remixing: Musicians and producers can use to isolate individual components of a mixed audio track, enabling them to remix and enhance the overall sound quality.
  2. Audio Restoration: The platform can be employed in audio restoration projects to clean up and separate different elements from historical or degraded audio recordings.
  3. Entertainment Industry: Sound demixing has applications in the entertainment industry for reviving classic movies or enhancing the audio quality in various multimedia projects.
  4. Research and Development: Researchers and academics interested in sound source separation can utilize’s benchmarks and leaderboard to evaluate and compare different sound demixing models.
  5. Hearing Aids and Accessibility: Sound source separation can be beneficial for hearing aids, allowing individuals with hearing impairments to isolate specific sounds and enhance their listening experience.’s AI-driven capabilities and its focus on sound source separation tasks make it a valuable platform for various industries, pushing the boundaries of audio processing and advancing the field of music demixing.