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Boomy AI is a revolutionary platform that empowers users to unleash their creativity and create original music within seconds, regardless of their previous experience in music production. This article will introduce readers to the groundbreaking features of Boomy AI, its role in democratizing music creation, and the thriving global community of artists it has fostered. As of July 25, 2023, Boomy AI has enabled the creation of over 16.3 million original songs, making it a significant force in the music industry.


  1. Music Creation: Boomy AI provides users with a powerful music creation tool that enables them to compose original songs in a matter of seconds, even if they have no prior experience in music production. This feature empowers aspiring musicians and content creators to express their creativity through music.
  2. Song Submission: Users can leverage Boomy AI to submit their original songs to various streaming platforms, giving them the opportunity to share their music with a global audience. This feature allows artists to showcase their talents and potentially earn money when their songs are played.
  3. Monetization: Boomy AI’s unique revenue-sharing model enables users to earn money when people listen to their songs on streaming platforms. This monetization feature provides a potential income stream for artists and creators using the platform.
  4. Global Community: Boomy AI has created a thriving community of artists who are empowered by generative music. This feature fosters collaboration, networking, and support among users worldwide, encouraging artistic growth and collaboration.
  5. Large Music Library: With over 16.3 million original songs created by Boomy artists, the platform boasts a vast music library that encompasses diverse genres and styles. Users can explore and discover a wide range of original music on the platform.
  6. Featured Playlists: Boomy AI offers curated playlists such as “This is Boomy,” “Boomy EDM,” “Boomy Ambient,” “Boomy LoFi,” and “Boomycore.” These featured playlists showcase outstanding creations and provide exposure to talented artists.
  7. New Releases: The platform regularly highlights new releases from various artists, allowing users to stay up-to-date with the latest musical innovations and trends.
  8. Song Search: Boomy AI’s song search feature allows users to explore music based on specific categories, such as #chill, #rap, #Electronic, #LofiBeats, and #meditation, making it easier for users to discover music that matches their preferences.

Use Cases:

  1. Aspiring Musicians and Content Creators: Boomy AI is an excellent tool for aspiring musicians and content creators who want to explore music production and create original compositions. Its user-friendly interface and AI-driven capabilities make it accessible to beginners and seasoned artists alike.
  2. Independent Artists Seeking Exposure: Boomy AI’s song submission and monetization features provide independent artists with a platform to gain exposure and potentially earn revenue from their music. It offers an alternative route for artists to reach a global audience beyond traditional music distribution channels.
  3. Music Enthusiasts and Curators: Boomy AI’s diverse music library and featured playlists cater to music enthusiasts and curators looking for fresh and unique tracks across various genres. It serves as a hub for discovering new and emerging talent in the music industry.

In Conclusion:
Boomy AI is a game-changer in the music creation landscape, empowering users with its intuitive music creation tools, revenue-sharing model, and supportive global community. It has redefined music production, making it accessible to everyone, and serves as a platform where artists can showcase their talents and potentially earn income from their creations.