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ClipDrop is an innovative AI-powered ecosystem of apps, plugins, and resources that allows creators to create stunning visuals in seconds. Whether you’re a professional designer, an e-commerce brand, a real estate agent, or an individual looking to enhance your visual content, ClipDrop provides the tools and features you need to achieve your desired results.


  1. Background Removal: With ClipDrop, you can easily remove the background of an image for free. Whether you’re using the website or the mobile app, simply upload your image to, and the AI-powered technology will remove the background, providing you with a high-definition image ready to use.
  2. Object Removal: ClipDrop also offers a convenient way to remove objects from images. By using the Cleanup feature in the app or website, you can upload your image, select the object you want to remove, and download the result. This feature is beneficial for various use cases, such as enhancing product visuals for e-commerce or creating clean team portraits.
  3. Inpainting Algorithm: The ClipDrop app includes an advanced inpainting algorithm that allows you to remove unwanted people from photos effortlessly. Whether you’re using the iOS or Android app, simply upload your image, and the algorithm will magically remove the person from the photo, providing you with a seamless result.
  4. Integration with Apps: ClipDrop provides an API that allows developers to integrate its AI technology into their own apps. This means you can leverage the power of ClipDrop’s background removal, object removal, and inpainting capabilities within your own application, enhancing its visual capabilities in just a few minutes.

Use Cases:

  1. E-commerce: ClipDrop is widely used by some of the world’s best brands and largest e-commerce platforms to create beautiful and consistent visuals across their product catalog. By removing backgrounds and enhancing product images, e-commerce sellers can attract more customers and improve the overall shopping experience.
  2. Real Estate: Real estate agents and property resellers can benefit from ClipDrop’s background removal and object removal features. By presenting clean and visually appealing images of properties, agents can showcase their listings effectively and capture the attention of potential buyers.
  3. Team Portraits: ClipDrop’s inpainting algorithm enables users to remove unwanted people from group photos effortlessly. This feature is especially useful for team portraits or group shots where individuals may want to be removed while maintaining the overall composition of the image.
  4. App Integration: Developers can leverage ClipDrop’s API to enhance their own apps with AI-powered visual editing capabilities. Whether it’s a photo editing app, a design tool, or any application that requires background removal or object removal, integrating ClipDrop can provide users with powerful editing features.

ClipDrop’s combination of powerful features, ease of use, and integration possibilities makes it a valuable tool for creators, businesses, and individuals looking to create stunning visuals with AI technology.