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RealFake is a web and mobile application developed by Real Fake Inc., a mobile technology company specializing in deep learning. The application utilizes AI technology to transform selfies into professional headshots. With its user-friendly interface and convenient process, RealFake offers users a seamless way to enhance their online presence with high-quality headshots suitable for platforms like LinkedIn, CVs, and business cards. The service has gained popularity, generating millions of professional headshots and receiving positive feedback from users.


  1. Headshot Creation: Users can upload 10 pictures showcasing their face, and RealFake’s AI technology generates professional headshots within a few hours. The generated headshots are tailored to enhance the user’s online presence, providing clear and visually appealing images suitable for professional use.
  2. Multiple Styles: RealFake offers different headshot styles, allowing users to choose the style that best fits their needs and preferences. Whether it’s for job applications, networking, or personal branding, users can find the right style to make a lasting impression.
  3. Affordable and Convenient: RealFake provides a fast, affordable, and convenient service, with headshots available starting from as low as 9.99 EUR. Users can enjoy the convenience of obtaining professional headshots from the comfort of their own homes, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  4. User Satisfaction Guarantee: RealFake offers a 100% user satisfaction guarantee. If users are not satisfied with the quality of the generated headshots or if they don’t resemble the original photos, the company provides the option to generate new photos at no extra cost.

Use Cases:

  1. Professional Online Presence: RealFake helps individuals elevate their professional images by providing them with high-quality headshots. These headshots can be used for various purposes, including LinkedIn profiles, CVs, business cards, and other professional platforms.
  2. Personal Branding: Users can enhance their personal brand by using RealFake’s professional headshots for their online presence. These headshots can help individuals create a strong and professional image, making a positive impression on potential employers, clients, or colleagues.
  3. Networking: RealFake’s headshots can be valuable for networking purposes, allowing individuals to present themselves professionally in various networking events, conferences, and online communities.