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Visit is an AI-powered tool designed to assist with advertising strategy and creative idea generation. It provides strategic briefs and creative concepts on-demand for creatives and agencies.

One of the key features of is its Generator, which allows users to create deliverables based on their specific needs. It offers two output modes: Strategic briefs and Creative ideas. The strategic briefs mode focuses on generating insights and emotional benefits for a given product or campaign. On the other hand, the creative ideas mode enables users to chat with an AI creative partner named Ari. This chat interface allows for collaborative idea generation and revision, simulating the experience of working with a human creative partner. aims to enhance both the strategic and creative output of users. It provides a custom-built training dataset based on recognized campaigns and an internally-compiled structured dataset exclusive to Daydrm. The tool claims to outperform ChatGPT, another popular language model, when it comes to idea generation.

Users have expressed positive feedback about, highlighting its effectiveness in generating real ideas and great concepts.
The tool has been used in various contexts, including experiential activations, live events, in-store activations, interactive and digital campaigns, user-generated campaigns on Instagram, and creating headlines for social media, ads, and landing pages.

The interface of is designed to be user-friendly and has been tested by real strategists and creatives. It offers an organized system for saving and viewing generated ideas in custom folders, allowing for easy access and management of outputs.

While has garnered positive feedback and is considered a useful tool for boosting strategic and creative output, it’s important to note that there have been some flags raised about its practices. It is advisable to approach the tool with caution and be aware of its limitations until a conclusion is reached regarding these concerns.

Unfortunately, there is limited information available regarding the pricing model for, as it seems the product has not been launched yet or the pricing details are undisclosed.

In summary, is an AI tool that aims to assist creative professionals and agencies in generating strategic briefs and creative concepts for advertising campaigns. It offers a range of features, including a generator with two output modes and an AI creative partner for collaborative idea generation. The tool has received positive feedback from users, although some concerns have been raised about its practices.