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Dreamlike.art is a free AI art generator and AI art maker that allows users to create stunning original art in seconds using the power of AI. With no credit card required, users can access the platform directly from their browser. Trusted by over 100,000 users and with over 1 million generations each week, Dreamlike.art provides a fast and convenient way to generate unique artwork.


  1. Blazing Fast: Dreamlike.art runs on server-grade A100 GPUs, delivering an average generation speed of 4 seconds. Users can queue up to 30 images and generate up to 4 images in parallel, making it faster than 8x RTX 3090.
  2. Hassle-Free & Easy to Use: Everything needed for AI art creation is available directly in the browser, accessible from any device. Users can enjoy a seamless experience without the need for confusing colabs, slow local installations, or chaotic discord bots.
  3. Powerful AI Tools: Dreamlike.art offers a range of powerful AI tools, including creating, upscaling, editing with natural language, fixing faces, copying pose/depth/sketch, making variations, and more. Users can choose from 8 AI models and customize their creations using advanced parameters.

Use Cases:

  1. Artistic Creations: Artists, designers, and enthusiasts can use Dreamlike.art to generate unique and visually appealing artworks. The AI-powered tools assist in exploring creative possibilities and producing original pieces.
  2. Content Creation: Dreamlike.art can be used to generate captivating visuals for websites, blogs, social media posts, and other digital content. The AI capabilities enable users to quickly create eye-catching graphics tailored to their specific needs.
  3. Personal Projects: Individuals looking to create personalized artwork for personal use, gifts, or decorations can leverage Dreamlike.art to generate custom designs. The platform offers a fast and accessible solution for turning ideas into visual representations.
  4. Prototyping and Conceptualization: Dreamlike.art can aid in the prototyping and conceptualization phase of various projects. By quickly generating visuals, users can explore different styles and aesthetics, facilitating the development of innovative ideas.

Please note that Dreamlike.art is free to use, but there are limits. Users start with 50 credits and can claim 24 free credits each day, up to 50 credits. Additional credits can be obtained by subscribing to a plan. Free plan users can queue up to 5 images and generate only 1 image at a time, with certain settings limited. Detailed plan comparisons can be found on the Dreamlike.art plans page.