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Listnr is an innovative platform that enables users to convert text or blog posts into voice-overs or podcasts with human-sounding voices. With Listnr, creators can start podcasts in more than 17 languages without the need for recording. It caters to both freelancers and commercial podcasters, offering a seamless way to monetize content through advertising. The platform utilizes AI to convert text into speech, allowing users to create various types of audio content, from YouTube videos to e-books. Listnr provides an array of features to enhance the audio content creation process, making it a valuable resource for content creators in the audio industry.


  1. One-Click Conversions: Listnr simplifies the process of converting blogs into podcasts using Google WaveNet TTS, enabling users to select content from other websites or write their own content on the platform’s dashboard. The audio files can be downloaded and distributed on various platforms.
  2. High-Quality Voices: Listnr supports over 17+ languages, each with multiple dialects, and offers a wide range of 30+ natural, human-sounding voices. Users can choose regional language dialects like British, Indian, and American English.
  3. Embeddable Audio Player: Listnr allows users to embed audio files anywhere using audio player widgets. Creators can easily integrate their audio content into websites or blogs, expanding their reach to new audiences.
  4. AI Voice-Overs: Listnr’s state-of-the-art text-to-speech algorithm facilitates AI voice-overs for YouTube videos, blog posts, and audiobooks, adding a realistic touch to the content.
  5. Audio Analytics: The platform allows customization of the audio player’s tone and color, making it fully adaptable to individual preferences and branding.

Use Cases:

  • Podcasts: Listnr enables users to create podcasts using text-to-speech, making it convenient to produce audio content without the need for recording.
  • Videos: Creators can generate professional marketing, demo, explainer, and YouTube videos at scale, enhancing their video content with AI-generated voices.
  • eLearning Material: Listnr simplifies the creation of eLearning material through text, allowing AI voices to pronounce terminologies and nuances easily.
  • Video Sales Letters: Listnr facilitates the creation of video sales letters on a large scale using its API, offering an efficient solution for marketers.
  • IVR Systems: Users can create professional voices for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems at scale, enhancing customer service experiences.
  • Audio Articles: Listnr allows users to turn their blog posts into audio articles, which can be distributed on platforms like Spotify.