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Salient is an ecosystem developed by a company with a decade-long journey in the automotive industry, focusing on delivering quality motor control design solutions. The ecosystem encompasses solutions for Brushless DC Motor Controller and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) Control. It brings together experienced embedded software and hardware engineers, automotive domain experts, and industry partners to provide comprehensive motor control solutions for various applications.


  1. Expertise in Motor Types: Salient offers expertise in different types of motors, including Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM), Induction motors, Single Phase, and 3 Phase motors, as well as DC motors (both Brushed and Brushless DC Motors).
  2. Hardware Design & Consulting Services: Salient provides consulting services for the evaluation and selection of microcontrollers and other hardware components required for motor control systems. This includes components like microcontrollers, torque and angle sensors, HALL Effect sensors, gate driver ICs, temperature sensors, pre-driver components, and H-Bridge (MOSFETs).
  3. Motor Control Algorithm Development: Salient excels in developing various control algorithms for motor control systems, such as Speed Regulation, Pulse Width Modulator (PWM), Current Regulation, Field-oriented Control (FOC), Proportional Integral Derivative Controller, Direction control, Soft Start/Stop, and Software Start/Stop. These algorithms help optimize motor performance and efficiency.
  4. Application Software Development: Salient offers expertise in developing application software for motor control systems, including Steering Control for Electronic Power Steering, Seating Control for Vehicle Seating Solutions, Electronic Smart Actuator for turbocharger, Drive control for EV applications, and Model-based development for application software. They also provide support for AUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR compliant Base Software (BSW) development.
  5. Safety and Compliance: Salient ensures that its motor control solutions meet safety standards and compliance requirements, such as ASIL D certification. They provide safety lifecycle planning, execution, and documentation, along with support for ASIL compliant verification and validation.

Use Cases:

  • Electronic Power Steering (EPS): Providing precise and efficient steering control for vehicles.
  • Seating Control: Enabling smooth and comfortable seating adjustments.
  • Smart Actuator for Turbo Chargers: Enhancing the performance of turbochargers in internal combustion engines.
  • Drive Control for Electric Vehicles (EVs): Ensuring efficient and reliable motor control in electric powertrains.