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Sketchar from is an innovative platform that combines the power of generative AI with creative learning to revolutionize the art creation process. With Sketchar, users can bring their artistic ideas to life with ease, regardless of their prior experience or skill level. The platform aims to empower every user to acquire creative skills and provides a range of tools and features to make learning instinctive, seamless, and captivating.


  1. Generative AI: Sketchar leverages generative AI techniques to identify fundamental patterns and structures in data and generate original educational content. This technology comprehends the artist’s goals and offers a wide range of artistic learning features, including assisting with content creation and allowing for rapid iteration.
  2. Drawing Monitor: Sketchar has developed a computer vision system called the Drawing Monitor. This system recognizes and tracks what users draw, enabling personalized learning, progress tracking, and customization of content for individual needs and preferences.
  3. Step-by-Step Drawing Lessons: Sketchar offers step-by-step drawing lessons to facilitate the creation of an artistic experience. These lessons, combined with generative AI tools, significantly reduce the time required to develop drawing skills and bring ideas to life.
  4. Embedded Instructions: With the emergence of generative AI, artists can produce art with embedded instructions. Users can generate an artwork that contains sequential steps encoded within it, which can be used in comprehensive drawing tutorials for various art styles and techniques.

Use Cases:

  1. Personalized Art Learning: Sketchar enables individuals to engage in personalized art learning. It caters to users of all skill levels, providing them with the tools and resources they need to develop their creative abilities and explore different art styles.
  2. Skill Development for Creative Professionals: Sketchar serves as a valuable tool for creative professionals looking to enhance their skills or venture into new artistic territories. The platform offers a range of features and generative AI tools that aid in expanding their artistic repertoire.
  3. Art Education for Students: Sketchar can be utilized as an educational tool in art classrooms to facilitate art learning and inspire students’ creativity. The platform’s step-by-step lessons and generative AI tools can engage students in interactive and immersive art experiences.

By combining generative AI, personalized learning, and a user-friendly interface, Sketchar empowers individuals to unleash their creativity and learn artistic skills in a fun and accessible way.