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Spellbook.legal is an innovative generative AI-powered contract drafting and negotiation platform designed to revolutionize the way legal professionals handle contract-related tasks. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, including OpenAI’s GPT-4 and other large language models (LLMs), Spellbook.legal offers a seamless and efficient solution for contract review, suggesting terms, and enhancing the contract drafting process.


  1. AI Contract Drafting & Review: Spellbook.legal utilizes GPT-4 and other advanced language models to review and analyze contracts. It suggests language and terms for contracts directly within Microsoft Word, enabling lawyers to draft contracts up to 3 times faster than traditional methods.
  2. Comprehensive Contract Suggestions: Trained on vast amounts of legal text, including billions of lines of legal data, Spellbook.legal provides comprehensive and accurate language suggestions for contracts tailored to specific circumstances.
  3. World Understanding: In addition to understanding contracts, Spellbook.legal is trained on extensive sources like Wikipedia, books, and the Internet, allowing it to reference real-world facts and information in contract drafting.
  4. Powered by GPT-4: Spellbook.legal harnesses the power of OpenAI’s GPT-4, an advanced large language model, to deliver exceptional performance and accuracy in contract analysis and drafting.
  5. Legal Focus: Unlike generic AI models, Spellbook.legal is uniquely tuned for contracting and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Word, making it an invaluable tool for legal professionals.

Use Cases:

  1. Law School Education: Spellbook.legal offers a free AI Access Program for law schools, allowing faculty and students to explore and utilize the platform’s AI capabilities. The program aims to enhance legal education and prepare students for a future where AI is an integral part of the legal industry.
  2. Legal Professionals: Lawyers, attorneys, and legal practitioners can leverage Spellbook.legal to streamline contract drafting, review, and negotiation processes. The AI-powered platform frees up time from mundane tasks, enabling legal professionals to focus on strategic and value-added aspects of their work.
  3. Corporate Legal Departments: In-house legal teams can benefit from Spellbook.legal’s efficiency in contract analysis and drafting. By accelerating the contract review process, legal departments can close deals faster and improve overall productivity.
  4. Research and Fact-Checking: Beyond contract drafting, Spellbook.legal’s integration with diverse sources of information makes it a useful tool for legal research and fact-checking, ensuring accuracy and relevance in legal documents.

Spellbook.legal’s commitment to delivering assistive AI to the legal industry, coupled with its partnerships with law schools and investment from Thomson Reuters and other venture firms, positions it as a leading player in the legaltech space. As AI continues to reshape the legal landscape, Spellbook.legal is poised to empower legal professionals with cutting-edge technology and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of contract-related tasks.