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Stableboost is an AI-based image generation tool that allows users to quickly generate a large number of images with just one run. Developed by Tal Stramer, Stableboost is designed to address the need for generating multiple variations of AI-generated images efficiently. Unlike existing tools that only allow users to generate a few images at a time, Stableboost enables users to generate up to 200 images in a single run.


  1. Multiple Image Generation: Stableboost stands out by offering the capability to generate a large number of images at once. Users can set the number of images they want to generate between one and 200, allowing for efficient exploration and discovery of different variations.
  2. Interactive Discovery: The tool enables users to interactively discover their favorite images among the generated set. Users can select a few favorites, and the system recommends similar images, making it easier to find the desired results.
  3. Modifiers for Prompt Combination: Stableboost introduces the concept of modifiers, which allows users to specify different terms or variations that should be combined with the prompt during the generation process. This feature enhances the customization and control over the generated images.
  4. Rudimentary Motion Pictures: In addition to still images, Stableboost supports the creation of rudimentary motion pictures. Users can define up to five prompts, and Stableboost stitches them together into an animated image, adding a dynamic element to the generated content.

Use Cases:

  1. Creative Exploration: Stableboost provides a platform for artists, designers, and creatives to explore and experiment with a wide range of AI-generated images. The ability to generate multiple variations efficiently allows for a more comprehensive exploration of artistic possibilities.
  2. Content Generation: Stableboost can be utilized for content generation purposes, such as generating images for social media posts, website designs, or marketing materials. The tool’s interactive discovery feature helps users find images that align with their specific content needs.
  3. Personalized Portraits: Users can leverage Stableboost to create personalized portraits of themselves, loved ones, pets, or products. By training the AI model with uploaded images, users can generate portraits in hundreds of different styles, providing a unique and customized visual representation.