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DreamUp AI is an innovative technology that allows users to create AI-generated art using text prompts. There are two different platforms referred to as DreamUp, each with its own unique features and approach.

  1. DreamUp by DeviantArt: DeviantArt’s DreamUp AI image generator lets creators bring their imagination to life with the power of artificial intelligence. With DreamUp, users can generate any image they can imagine by providing text prompts as input. The generated images are upscaled at the highest resolutions, allowing for detailed and visually appealing artwork. DeviantArt members receive 5 free prompts to start creating. The images created with DreamUp are auto-tagged as #AIart and have a DreamUp indication. It is important to note that all DreamUp images submitted on DeviantArt must comply with the platform’s Terms of Service and Etiquette Policy.
  2. DreamUp by DreamUp.ai: DreamUp.ai is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free access to Generative AI technology. Their platform allows users to make beautiful art without any limitations or micro-transactions. With DreamUp.ai, users have unlimited artistic license, can experiment with different AI models and styles, and customize every aspect of their creations. The platform also emphasizes the ownership of the created content, allowing users to display and share their work in a curated gallery. DreamUp.ai operates on a donation-based model, with 30% of the proceeds going to charities supporting the arts. They also highlight their support for LGBTQ+ artists, with a portion of the proceeds from June going to arttitude, a nonprofit organization in that space.

It’s worth mentioning that the introduction of DreamUp by DeviantArt caused some controversy within the art community. There were concerns about artists’ work being used for AI training without explicit consent. DeviantArt introduced opt-out options and flagged images to address these concerns. They provided a “noai” flag that artists could use to opt out of third-party image datasets. However, it remains to be seen whether all third-party image scrapers will honor this flag. DeviantArt also announced that all DeviantArt-hosted images would be automatically labeled as “NOT authorized for use in AI datasets” in response to community feedback.

In conclusion, DreamUp AI offers exciting possibilities for artists and creators to generate AI-based artwork. Whether it’s the DreamUp platform by DeviantArt or DreamUp.ai, users can tap into the power of AI to bring their artistic visions to life.